Tooling resins for strong tools and great shapes

Throughout the composites industry production molds made from glass fiber reinforced composites are widely used for Vacuum Infusion, Hand lay-up, Spray-up, Cold Press, RTM and Cold Casting applications. When compared to equivalent metal tooling, the advantages of composite molds include:

  • relatively low cost;
  • ease of repair or modification;
  • ease of manufacturing process (even in big sizes up to 80+ m).

At the same time, composite tools have a shorter production life and have strength limitations in pressurized molding applications.

The right tooling resin

Aliancys is selling a wide range of Neomould tooling resins for creating composite molds. Through their zero-shrinkage feature these resins ensure the mold has a smooth surface, while the texture and part dimensions perfectly match the original plug model. At the same time, the tooling resins of Aliancys allow the creation of strong and durable molds, and ensure consistent part dimensions and a long production life.

Markets for tooling resins

Tooling resins are applied for tools used in many end-use markets, including Marine, Wind, Building & Infrastructure, and Industrial. We can help you with selecting the best tooling resins that fits your process and application. You can find details on our tooling resins in our product selector.

Questions regarding tooling resins?

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