The Beyone™ resin series incorporate some of the most important product innovations of Aliancys. This range of products clearly widens the use of composite components in terms of functional performance, manufacturing ability or sustainability.


Together with its customers, Aliancys is developing new resin chemistries and processing technologies for creating new markets in composites. Working in many cases with partners in the entire value chain in a very open and close collaboration, Aliancys is able to apply its expertise in resins and material science for addressing the complex challenges of novel composites territory.


There are more Beyone™ resins available than the ones presented on this web site. Please discuss with your Aliancys Technical Service representative your specific product requirements, and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right resin solution.

    Name Market Key benefits Processing method HDT (°C) Elong. break (%)
    Beyone™ 120-Q-01 Industrial, Building & Infrastructure Chemical resistance Filament winding 101 2.4
    Beyone™ 410-N-01 Industrial, Building & Infrastructure Styrene-free Hand lay-up 105 2.5
    Beyone™ 805-N-01 Electrical, Building & Infrastructure, Transportation Styrene-free SMC/ BMC - -
    Beyone™ 806-H-01 Electrical, Building & Infrastructure, Transportation Styrene-free, Low profile SMC/ BMC - -
    Beyone™ 820-H-01 Electrical, Building & Infrastructure, Transportation Low shrinkage, Zero shrinkage, High gloss, Good pigmentability SMC/ BMC - -
    Beyone™ 875-H-01 Electrical, Building & Infrastructure, Transportation Low profile, Low viscosity SMC/ BMC - -

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