Vacuum infusion

For making large size components in small to medium size production series (1-500 parts per year), the vacuum infusion technique is broadly used. After application of a gelcoat onto the surface of the mold, glass reinforcements, core materials, resin flow channels and (if desired) prefabricated components are positioned in the mold. The whole pack is covered with a plastic foil, and then sides are sealed to make the total air-tight. After application of vacuum, a resin is injected into the pack, forming a strong laminate structure in the desired shape.


The vacuum infusion process has the benefit over Hand Lay-up and Spray-up processes of significantly higher fiber content, translating into higher laminate strength and stiffness. This enables to reduce laminate thickness and overall component weight. Inherent to the infusion process, the exposure of resin to the open air is limited, leading to only minimal styrene emissions.

For its great capability to make large structural components, vacuum infusion is used in Wind end-use markets (wind turbine blades, nacelles), Marine & Offshore (yachts, pleasure boats, catamarans, military vessels, rescue boats), Building & Infrastructure (bridges, building façades, roofing sections, structural components).



A broad range of products is available from Aliancys for use in vacuum infusion processes, sold under Synolite™, Atlac®, and Beyone™ brands. Specific products exist for applications with carbon fibers, or for use in Wind turbine blades featuring high resistance to fatigue.



For an overview of our key products, please consult the Product Selector on this web site, or download the Aliancys Product Selector Guide and the Atlac Product Guide.

Aliancys has been involved in Vacuum infusion processing for over 30 years, and is working closely with customers to apply the technique in new part designs and end-use applications. Some nice example of applications using Vacuum Infusion is FiberCore (composite lock gates).

Aliancys resins for Vacuum infusion are certified by international bodies including Lloyds Register, DNV GL and RINA.  

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