In composite transformation processes like SMC Molding and Relining (CIPP), an intermediate product is processed into a fully cured part through a secondary operation involving heat and/ or UV light. For maintaining short process cycles and minimizing waste, the handling of the intermediate product needs to be easy and clean, while the cured part performance characteristics have to be predictable and reproducible even in large series.

This has important implications for the manufacturing of the intermediate product. After the initial processing of the resin into the intermediate, it is desired that resin viscosity rapidly increases and the resin can stay in place. This allows for clean and efficient handling of the intermediate in secondary processing as well as for maintaining the right resin distribution both in the composite formulation and in the final part.



Aliancys has implemented the resin thickening technology in many of its Palapreg®, Synolite™, Palatal®, Atlac®, and Beyone™ resin systems. With the addition of thickening additives (like MgO paste), these resins will mature in a predictable way. This enable our customers to process the product intermediates consistently and deliver quality components with superior end-use performance. Consequently, Aliancys has been since long market leader in supplying markets that demand the highest Quality Resins, including Transportation (SMC) and Relining (CIPP).

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