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One of the major drivers in composites markets is the desire to design strong and stiff parts with a significantly reduced weight vs. parts made in conventional materials like steel and aluminium. For that purpose, the use of carbon fibers is rapidly growing, enabling the manufacturing of light weight components in large production series. Examples include structural components for personal vehicles, strengthening elements in cables, and pultruded profiles for stiffening wind turbine blades.



Aliancys has the full competence to support you in developing new light weight products, with an extensive range of resins suitable for use with carbon fiber reinforcements. These include Atlac®, Beyone®, Daron® and Palapreg® resins for SMC, RTM, Pultrusion and Hand Lay-up. We are inviting our key customers to work on joined development projects creating unique material solutions, very much in line with our LET’S TALK / brand promise.



Aliancys has made the development of carbon fiber based solutions a key priority in its long term innovation strategy. For that reason, we have the capability to make carbon fiber based SMC in-house on a state-of-the-art line in our Zwolle R&D Center (Netherlands), and also operate a pultrusion line for making carbon fiber profiles. For maximizing the performance of carbon fibers, Aliancys is closely working together with carbon fiber suppliers for optimizing fiber sizings. In addition, we do have full testing and material evaluation capabilities for material characterization and optimization. This helps you to obtain predictable part performance in high volume industrialized manufacturing processes.

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