Atlac® resins at Aliancys

Name Market Key benefits Processing method HDT (°C) Elong. break (%)
Atlac® 430 Power, Industrial, Mining, Building & Infrastructure Carbon fiber capability, Chemical resistance, Multi-purpose, Lloyds approval Filament winding, Hand lay-up, Pultrusion 105 6.1
Atlac® 5200 FC Industrial, Food processing Chemical resistance, Food Contact Filament winding, Hand lay-up, Pultrusion 105 6.1
Atlac® 580 Industrial, Building & Infrastructure Chemical resistance, Easy processing, Multi-purpose, Lloyds approval Filament winding, Hand lay-up 115 4.2
Atlac® 580 AC 300 Marine, Building & Infrastructure Chemical resistance, Low exotherm, Low shrinkage, RINA approval, Lloyds approval, Excellent hydrolysis resistance, Infusion grade Vacuum infusion 107 3.4
Atlac® 580 ACT Marine Thixotropic, RINA approval, Lloyds approval, Pre-accelerated Hand lay-up, Spray-up 115 4.2
Atlac® 590 Power, Industrial Chemical resistance, High HDT Filament winding, Hand lay-up 140 4
Atlac® E-Nova FW 2045 Power, Industrial Chemical resistance, Easy processing, High HDT Filament winding, Hand lay-up, Pultrusion 145 3.5
Atlac® E-Nova MA 6215 Marine RINA approval, Pre-accelerated Vacuum infusion 105 2.5
Atlac® E-Nova MA 6325 Marine Low styrene content, RINA approval, Pre-accelerated Hand lay-up, Spray-up 110 2.5
Atlac® Premium 600 Industrial, Building & Infrastructure Styrene-free, Enhanced resistance to organic chemicals Hand lay-up, Relining, Spray-up 103 2.6
Atlac® XP 810 X Transportation Chemical resistance, MgO thickenable SMC/ BMC 145 3.5

Atlac® resins are highly suitable for making tanks, piping and components used in industrial processes. Applications include:

  • Storage tanks
  • Process vessels
  • Pressure pipes
  • Power plants
  • Mining equipment
  • In-plant piping
  • Food processing equipment

Markets in which Atlac® resins are used

Atlac® resins are highly suitable for applications in the Marine industry. Both in structural components (hulls, decks) and for use as tie coat. These products are being used for many years, providing boat owners long-life durability and great aesthetics. Many Atlac® resins have received Lloyds', DNV's and RINA's mark of approval.

Atlac® resins are also suitable for the manufacturing of structural components for windmill blades, pultruded profiles used in Building & Infrastructure, Transportation and Offshore applications. The mechanical properties of Atlac® translate into predictability of long term structural integrity and part performance.

Key benefits of Atlac® resins

  • Excellent resistance to many chemicals at elevated temperatures
  • Superior resistance to seawater and osmosis
  • Great strength and toughness
  • Easy conversion into various shapes through range of transformation processes
  • Resins can be used in combination with a wide variety of fibers, including glass and carbon fibers

Find the product you need

In order to select the right Atlac® resin for your application, please take a look at our Product selector. You can select the end-use market for your product(s), the specific properties required and the intended processing method. 

Questions about Chemical Resistance

Aliancys has the ability to help you in making the best resin selection for your application exposed to a specific chemical environment (temperature, chemical type, exposure time). We can offer insights from our Chemical Resistance Information System (CRIS), that builds on year of chemical resistance testing on our resins, combined with the experience gained in many projects around the world. Please contact us for more information through

Questions about Atlac?

If you have questions about the performance of Atlac® resins, please contact Aliancys. You can reach us by sending an email. One of our Technical Service representatives will contact you shortly.

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