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Name Market Key benefits Processing method HDT (°C) Elong. break (%)
Atlac® 430 Power, Industrial, Mining, Building & Infrastructure Carbon fiber capability, Chemical resistance, Multi-purpose, Lloyds approval Filament winding, Hand lay-up, Pultrusion 105 6.1
Atlac® 5200 FC Industrial, Food processing Chemical resistance, Food Contact Filament winding, Hand lay-up, Pultrusion 105 6.1
Atlac® 580 Industrial, Building & Infrastructure Chemical resistance, Easy processing, Multi-purpose, Lloyds approval Filament winding, Hand lay-up 115 4.2
Atlac® 580 AC 300 Marine, Building & Infrastructure Chemical resistance, Low exotherm, Low shrinkage, RINA approval, Lloyds approval, Excellent hydrolysis resistance, Infusion grade Vacuum infusion 107 3.4

Aliancys is one of the leading vinyl ester resin suppliers around the world used in many demanding applications in Industrial equipment, Marine, Building and Infrastructure. As parts made from Atlac vinyl ester resins bring durability and continued strength, they are the preferred alternative over traditional materials like steel and concrete.


Components based on Atlac® vinyl ester resins are extensively used in applications that require excellent corrosion resistance. Atlac vinyl ester resins have a long performance track record in ensuring industrial processes can run continuously as expected. Material solutions for acids, bases, water, seawater, and many organic solvents are available from Aliancys. 

Please click here for downloading our Chemical Resistance Guide. In this brochure you can find information on our most important vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester resins used in corrosion resistant applications. We have listed the maximum temperatures at which laminates based on these resins have demonstrated a good service life, and/or shown positive test results in accordance with the mentioned test methods.



Aliancys is working closely with part fabricators, engineering companies and process operators to specify our resins. We have the ability to help you in making the best resin selection for your application, optimized for the specific chemical environment (temperature, chemical type, exposure time). We can offer insights from our Chemical Resistance Information System (CRIS), that builds on years of chemical resistance testing on our resins, combined with the experience gained in many projects around the world. For the Product Selector, please click here.

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Please contact Aliancys, one of the leading vinyl ester resin suppliers worldwide for more information. We can provide you with details on our products, material safety data sheets, the chemical resistance and/or for helping you to select the right resin solution for your application. 

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