SMC BMC Design Award

September 20, 2017

On September 20th, 2017 the winners of the SMC BMC Design Award will be announced during a special Award Cermony, taking place at Composites Europe trade show in Stuttgart.



The SMC BMC Design Award 2017 is the 1st international Design Competition, organized by the European Alliance for SMC BMC. Its intent is to recognize and promote design excellence across industries. The Design Competition is open for design students and young design professionals (less than 3 years of experience), with the specific challenge to use SMC and BMC materials in novel applications and/ or for demonstrating novel functionalities.

The SMC BMC Design Award 2017 reinforces that SMC and BMC are innovative, versatile, cost effective and safe materials, used in products that bring significant benefits to individual consumers and society. 



During the event, the three finalists will present their project propossals to the audience. Then the Jury will hand out the 10,000 Euro award to to winning team. Please join us at the ceremony and meet the finalists.

Location will be the Composites Forum, time 13.00 h.


The SMC BMC Design Award 2017 offers participants an opportunity to promote their SMC BMC innovations across Europe and obtain broad public exposure”, reinforces Fons Harbers, Marketing & Sales Director at Aliancys. “We are very proud that Aliancys is one of the sponsors of this Design Competition. We truly believe that creating new applications and designs in SMC and BMC can bring value both to individual consumers and the composites industry.

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