Earlier this month Aliancys signed a new distribution agreement with JRD Polymers Pvt. Ltd. in India. JRD Polymers is a well-established player in the local Indian markets for plastics and resins, and will be distributing the full Aliancys product portfolio.


At the official signing ceremony at Aliancys’ R&D Center in Zwolle (Netherlands), Bert Bakker (CEO of Aliancys) and Amol J. Doshi (Managing Director of JRD Polymers) put their signatures under the Distribution Agreement. The company will be distributing the full resins portfolio of Aliancys, as well as the gelcoats and bonding pastes manufactured by Aliancys in China.

In India, Aliancys is a highly respected company with a track record of suppling Quality Resins already for many years”, explains Amol Doshi of JRD Polymers. “We are delighted to add the products from Aliancys to our portfolio and create exciting new business opportunities. The market approach taken by Aliancys to have strong relationships with its customers is very much in line with the way we work with our customers.

The composites market in India is growing at a very good pace”, explains Bert Bakker, CEO of Aliancys. “As customers grow their business they require reliable resin suppliers, providing resins with quality consistency for their business today and being able to bring great innovations for their business tomorrow. We are delighted to have found a new partner that can help us to build stronger ties in the supply chain and that will support us to further develop our business in India.”



JRD Polymers (headquartered in Mumbai, India) is a part of Doshi Group of companies, having a rich experience in the field of chemical trading for more than 55 years. In 1945 the group started importing and distributing of various chemicals in Mumbai. Today the the Doshi group has offices in Ahemedabad, Jaipur, Chennai & Delh, selling its products all over India, being a leading trading house in India. More information on

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