The use of Wind turbines for generating electrical power has become institutionalized around the world, as it is a key technology for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment. It is anticipated that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future, and the demand for wind turbines will increase. The drive for increasing energy conversion efficiency and the desire to install wind turbines offshore, will affect turbine design and increase in particular the length of the blades.



Aliancys has been supplying the Wind Energy market for many years and is working with suppliers of wind turbines, independent blade manufacturers, and producers of nacelles and rotor components to push the limits of part manufacturing and end-use performance. Our product ranges includes Synolite™ infusion resins, and Atlac® resins for pultruded spar caps, and several base resins for making gelcoats and bonding paste.

In 2014, Aliancys and our channel partners Siemens Windpower, 3B and DTU Wind Energy were awarded the JEC Innovation award for our new-to-the-world composite system for making wind turbine blades, featuring easy blade manufacturing, low weight, high stiffness, and excellent resistance to fatigue. This solution was based on Beyone™ 201-A-01 resin, which is styrene-free, cobalt-free, and 40 % bio based. The use of this resin brings faster resin infusion and requires only limited post-cure.


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