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In many modern cities a huge sewer pipe network exists underneath roads, city streets and inside buildings. These networks are inspected on a regular basis by operators and utility companies for defects, as these may cause network malfunctioning or leakage of waste water into the soil. In many cases it is decided to renovate damaged pipes for ensuring a smooth and continued network operation.

Particularly in busy cities it is not acceptable to break open the roads and simply replace the sewer pipes, as this causes major disruption to traffic and to the residents living nearby. In a similar way, also at industrial sites no-dig solutions are often requested in order to avoid process interruptions and unsafe situations. In buildings it is highly impractical to open up part of the construction, so often direct replacement is no option.



Since the start of this industry Aliancys has been selling Quality Resins for making flexible liners. Once pulled inside the sewer pipe, these liners are cured to form a strong pipe inside the pipe. Both for heat cure and for UV cure technologies, several resin systems are available under Synolite™, Palatal®, and Atlac® brands.

Using the Relining product range from Aliancys, our clients have been able successfully to install strong pipes with over 50 years of expected working life (while in many cases these pipes may be used even much longer based on the materials’ current track record of durability). There is great public acceptance for Relining because of the minimal traffic disruption during installation. In addition, Relining solutions have a limited impact on the environment, associated with the low amount of noise and dust generated during installation, the associated lower vehicle movement and energy consumption.

Aliancys has a team of experts available that can help you to further improve liner manufacturing quality, and installation effectiveness. In many cases we work together with our customers to explain the benefits of this technology to municipalities and end-customers. Because of its innovation power, Aliancys is increasingly applying the relining technology in new markets and applications.



Aliancys has a broad range of products in its portfolio for Relining, sold under Atlac®Synolite™, and Palatal® brand names. In order to find the best product for your application, please check out the Product Selector on this web site. You can contact an Aliancys Technical Service representative for helping you in this process (



For additional information, please check out case study Brandenburger (UV cure relining).


    Name Market Key benefits Processing method HDT (°C) Elong. break (%)
    Atlac® Premium 600 Industrial, Building & Infrastructure Styrene-free, Enhanced resistance to organic chemicals Hand lay-up, Relining, Spray-up 103 2.6
    Palatal® P 92 I-04 Building & Infrastructure UV-cure, EN 13121/4, MgO thickenable, DIN 18820/3 Relining 107 5.6
    Synolite™ 1035-T-1 Building & Infrastructure Hot cure, Long pot-life, EN 13121/4, DIN 18820/3 Relining 102 2.3
    Synolite™ 2103-Q-1 Building & Infrastructure UV-cure, EN 13121/4, MgO thickenable, DIN 18820/3 Relining 112 2

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