Let's talk /中文


At the JEC World 2016 exhibition in Paris, Aliancys presented itself to the Composites world for the first time under the new corporate identity. Aliancys was very upfront in its commitment for close collaboration with customers, with an open invitation for dialogue and for developing a joint future in Composites.


Since the beginning of 2016, the former DSM Composite Resins has been operating under its new name Aliancys. The company is a joint venture of CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM. At JEC World 2016, Aliancys was proud to show to the Composites world the new corporate identity and its focus on supplying Quality Resins.


In front of our JEC booth we put a nice couch for having customer meetings ”, explains Fons Harbers (Sales & Marketing Director of Aliancys) with a smile. “Besides being an easy start for a conversation with customers, this couch symbolizes our drive to keep an eye on the outside world, to truly understand the evolving market needs in Composites.” 

At the JEC show we have better explained the LET’S TALK/ brand promise,” says Bert Bakker (CEO of Aliancys). “We want to emphasize that working together with customers, with suppliers, and with colleagues is the basis for continued business success, both today and tomorrow.”

The team at  the Aliancys booth consisted of many nationalities”, adds Zhenghua Yan (Sales & Marketing Director Aliancys China). “We are convinced that working together with our customers around the world will provide great benefits. Using the Quality Resins of Aliancys clearly helps to build process consistency in composites manufacturing. Joint developments bring new innovations and new business for the long run.”




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