Aliancys will be the new name of DSM Composite Resins as per January 2016. Bert Bakker, CEO of Aliancys, explains the strategic direction of the company and shares his view on the composite market.


Why did you choose the name Aliancys?

We wanted to find a name that expresses collaboration. Working together with customers, with suppliers, and with colleagues, is the basis for continued success of our company. The name Aliancys and the LET’S TALK/ brand promise stand for our commitment to work together with our customers. They can rely on us for their business today; at the same time together we create a successful business tomorrow.


What are the differences in strategy between DSM and Aliancys?

The DSM strategy is very much focused on delivering value from sustainability and innovation. While we still keep these elements in our company values, we have decided to focus our strategy on our core: selling Quality Resins, working closely together with our customers, mutual business success today and tomorrow. Our business strategy is a logical continuation of the strategy we have had the last two years, which has helped to strengthen our long term leadership position in composites markets.

In the daily business we bring peace-of-mind to our customers by providing high quality products and services, which means for me: consistency, on time, every time.  For the future business, we continue to create new applications and we bring added value through smart innovations. The goal is that our customers can continue to meet the needs of OEMs and end-customers around the world. At the end, we can only flourish if our customers are growing and remain competitive.


How do you see the future of the composite market?

We believe in the coming years the composites sector will recover reasonably well from the tough years we have behind us. We are seeing now some modest market recovery, which makes me optimistic for the coming years. I am convinced that composite materials have a great future as they contribute to fulfilling some key demands from society: these materials feature light-weight, great mechanical properties, and are known to provide excellent durability.

In order for composites to remain successful in the future, we do need to make additional steps in improving competitiveness versus traditional material systems (like steel, aluminum and concrete) and thermoplastics. Increasing manufacturing quality and consistency, improving the capability for production in larger series, and addressing environmental concerns require further attention, besides managing the structural problem of overcapacity. I am proud that Aliancys has been leading the industry in addressing all these important challenges.


How Is the composite market changING?

Aliancys believes that the industry can only grow in value through a close collaboration in the supply chain. You will see many more examples coming from Aliancys of how co-creation in innovation can drive better performance and improved competitiveness. We believe such collaboration can rejuvenate the industry and bring business success for our partners.

Customers require a security of supply that is sustainable, they want to professionalize their operations for increasing production series, and need a supplier that grows with them and they can build on. The number of resin suppliers that can bring that perspective is limited, yet Aliancys is determined to be a supplier of choice.


How do you see the growth in China?

Despite the recent slowdown in China, a lot of the global market growth will continue to take place in the new economies (with China in the lead). As Aliancys we want to position ourselves in the right way to support that growth in China. So we have constructed a world-class manufacturing plant in Nanjing and a regional R&D center in recent years. We will build further on our long local presence and on fully utilizing the knowledge and expertise we have gathered around the world on resins and composite processes.

We believe that working together as one team around the world will create more business opportunities. Both by applying our global expertise with local customers, and providing a consistent and reliable supply of Quality Resins to global customers.


Will the Aliancys strategy target for long term return, or for quick profit?

Aliancys strategy is targeted at delivering value both short and longer term. For a long term continuation of business success and competitive advantage, it will be required to build a successful business organization, with people that have the right skills and expertise. That is why the present business strategy combines the elements of growth, operational excellence and focus.


How would you describe the company culture of Aliancys?

In Aliancys we want to truly understand our customers’ markets and business drivers. As we are committed to mutual commercial success, we work together with our customers in creating value and materializing composites innovations. We provide excellent service, running our operations in a smooth and flawless way. It is clear that this is a very strong commitment for collaboration with our customers.

We believe that starting a company under a new flag allows us to take greater control of our destiny, have a greater impact on company results, and make this company the right working place for our people. That is why we have clearly articulated our culture and made it an integral part of the company’s strategy.

Consequently, Aliancys also stands for teamwork and collaboration, bringing out the best in our people across all functions and regions. We treat others with dignity and respect, communicate openly and promptly, and take care of safety and the environment, all within an agile, action oriented organization.


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