名称 市场应用 主要特性 成型工艺 热变形(℃) 断裂延伸率(%)
    Beyone™ 805-N-01 电气, 建筑与基础设施, 交通运输 无苯乙烯 SMC/ BMC - -
    Beyone™ 806-H-01 电气, 建筑与基础设施, 交通运输 无苯乙烯, 低轮廓 SMC/ BMC - -
    Beyone™ 820-H-01 电气, 建筑与基础设施, 交通运输 低收缩, 零收缩, 高光泽, 制品着色性好 SMC/ BMC - -
    Beyone™ 875-H-01 电气, 建筑与基础设施, 交通运输 低轮廓, 低粘度 SMC/ BMC - -


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    AOC Aliancys

    AOC Aliancys

    AOC Aliancys is the leading global supplier of polyester and vinyl ester resins, gelcoats and specialty materials used for the composites industry. With strong capabilities around the world in manufacturing and science, we deliver unrivaled quality, service and reliability for today, and are creating innovative solutions for tomorrow. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of composites with new technology and applications. Visit our websites below to learn more about how AOC Aliancys can help your business be more successful.